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   Accomodation contract - Trip cancellation   

   The private rental contract does not include any reimbursement provision in case of cancellation, and some accommodation websites may not be                       recognized by the insurer in the absence of a cancellation clause in their contract. Policyholders were informed of this policy through communication from       the insurer in July 2021.

   Curative and preventive vaccines   

   Only expenses incurred for the substance used in curative or preventive vaccines are eligible up to a maximum of $200 per insured per calendar year. Costs     associated with the medical procedure for administering the vaccines are not eligible for reimbursement.


   An annual deductible applies per certificate. This is the agreed-upon amount that the member must pay before the insurer begins to reimburse the                     coverages provided by the insurance policy. It is a single deductible, applicable to expenses incurred by both the member, their spouse, their dependents,         and the person with a functional impairment, if applicable.

  Hearing aids rental   

  The rental fees for hearing aids are eligible for reimbursement. The same reimbursement criteria as those associated with the purchase of hearing aids also      apply to the rental.

   Home accessories   

   Home accessories are not covered by the therapeutic appliance warranty. This means that items such as a toilet seat, a grab bar, a humidifier, an air                 conditioner, an air purifier, products from the Docteur Gibaud range, an electric cushion, a car heating cushion, a solar lamp, an electric toothbrush, a               whirlpool bath, a sheepskin, etc., are not eligible for reimbursement. Please inquire before making a purchase.

  Massage therapy  

   Unlike other professionals for whom a prescription is not required, the requirement of a medical prescription for massage therapy aims to ensure that the         treatment is medically necessary and appropriate for the patient. This also helps ensure that healthcare costs are used responsibly and in accordance with       medical guidelines.

   Membership - 90 days   

   It is important to complete your membership application and submit it to Beneva within 90 days of becoming eligible for the plan, even if you wish to waive     out of the accident and sickness insurance plan.

  Postoperative bra   

   According to the terms of the insurance contract, a maximum reimbursement of 6 postoperative bras is established for the lifetime of the insured. This             means that expenses related to the purchase of these bras are covered up to this specified number. This ceiling ensures adequate financial support while         avoiding excessive expenses.

 Power of attorney  

   Submitting a power of attorney to the insurer of the group insurance is an essential step to safeguard one's interests and ensure the continuity of financial       protection, even in the event of incapacity. This simple yet crucial measure provides additional security and peace of mind to all members and their families,     ensuring that their insurance needs will always be addressed, regardless of circumstances. The member can contact Beneva's customer service or submit a       letter along with their power of attorney requesting the insurer to confirm receipt of the power of attorney.

   Reimbursement of invoices  

   To be eligible for reimbursement, all invoices, including medication expenses, must be submitted within 12 months from the date they were incurred. 

  Rental of an oxygen concentrator (portable or stationary) 

   The rental of an oxygen concentrator (portable or stationary) is reimbursable at 80% according to the contract. There is a maximum of 12 months of rental     allowed over the lifetime. The purchase of the concentrator would also be reimbursable at 80%. Rental fees already reimbursed are deducted from the             eligible amount for the purchase of the device. The expected frequency for purchase is once every 5 years. Accessories and oxygen refills are also covered         at 80%. If the need is recurrent, it is more cost-effective to purchase the concentrator.

   Risk Activities - Travel Insurance   

   This coverage does not cover losses resulting from the insured's participation in hang gliding, paragliding, parasailing, bungee jumping, mountaineering,         skydiving, or any similar activity, extreme or combat sports, participation in any motorized vehicle competition, or participation in any sports activity                 involving remuneration.

   SSQ insurance card   

  It is crucial to keep the SSQ insurance card in your wallet while traveling, as it contains vital information, including emergency contact numbers when you        are abroad. Even though the name Beneva is ubiquitous since the merger of SSQ and La Capitale, there will be no mass mailing solely to replace an SSQ card    with a Beneva card.

   Travel Assistance - Limitations   

   Neither the insurer nor the travel assistance company are responsible for the availability and quality of medical and hospital care, nor for guaranteeing             access to such care. Some services may not be available in certain countries. It is strongly recommended to inquire about this matter.

   Trip Cancellation - Limitations   

   In case of trip cancellation prior to departure due to a travel advisory issued by the Government of Canada, the insured must contact CanAssistance for             instructions, and this must be done 72 hours before a deposit becomes due or 72 hours before the scheduled departure date, whichever comes first. For any     other reason for trip cancellation prior to departure, the insured must always contact CanAssistance for instructions, no later than 48 hours after the                 occurrence of the event that may result in eligible cancellation fees.


   Usual and reasonable costs 

   In group insurance, usual and reasonable costs refer to the typical and reasonable rates for medical services or healthcare products in a given region. It is       important to note that these costs can vary, and it is difficult to quantify them accurately as rates may change.

   X-ray (chiropractor) 

   The fees for X-rays at a chiropractor are limited to $50 per year and are subject to a maximum reimbursement per insured of $750 per calendar year.