To provide proper coverage for interprovincial travel, SSQ will assume that COVID-19 is a sudden and unanticipated illness within Canada. Therefore, a person insured under contract Y9999-R who travels within Canada will be covered for COVID-19.

This provision applies solely to travel within Canada, to compensate for the fact that the travel cancellation insurance does not recognize COVID-19 as a valid reason to cancel a trip to another province. In addition, the provision is consistent with the current Canadian Government travel notice, which states that Canadians must avoid non-essential travel outside Canada but does not specify whether or not travel within Canada should be avoided.

This is what SSQ Insurance’s FAQ section has to say on the subject:

Am I covered if I have planned a trip to another Canadian province?

Yes, you are now covered for all medical expenses and emergency medical expenses, regardless of whether you are sick as a result of COVID-19, for another reason or because of an accident.

Can I cancel a planned trip to another Canadian province because of COVID-19?

No, you cannot cancel a trip within Canada because of COVID-19, because Canada has not issued a travel notice regarding travel to another Canadian province.


Travel Cancellation Insurance / Interprovincial Travel

People insured under Contract Y9999-R can travel abroad despite the Canadian Government’s notice to avoid all non-essential trips. Once abroad, the contract’s provisions only require you to come back to Canada because of war or an act of war.

However, the contract states that costs are admissible provided they are incurred by the insured person “following a death, an accident or a sudden and unanticipated illness that occurs while the insured person is temporarily outside his or her province of residence and requires emergency care.”

Since COVID-19 is now a known, anticipated illness, expenses incurred in connection with it are not admissible.

It is equally important to note that this is the current opinion of SSQ Insurance, and that it may change as the pandemic evolves. Therefore, before undertaking a new trip in the fall of 2020 or later, we encourage you to contact Can-Assistance for information on the applicable provisions at the time of departure.

Please also note that it may be especially difficult for non-residents to obtain hospital services in some countries during the pandemic.


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