SSQ Insurance / COVID-19: Update on recent information relating to your travel insurance coverage

Travel circumstances are rapidly changing due to the Omicron variant. To slow the spread, on December 15, 2021, the Government of Canada reinstated the travel advisory for all Canadians to avoid all non-essential travel outside of Canada. As a result of this change, our insureds have several questions regarding their upcoming trips. We have provided the following answers to the top questions listed below.  


1. Am I covered if I contract COVID-19 (or other illnesses) during my trip?

THE ANSWER IS YES: for all travel destinations for which the Government of Canada has issued a travel advisory level 3 (avoid all non-essential travel) or below. All emergency medical expenses, including those related to COVID-19, are covered. 

THE ANSWER IS NO: for all travel destinations for which the Government of Canada has issued a travel advisory level 4 (avoid all travel).


2. How can I get a refund for a trip cancelled due to the Government of Canada's decision to change an advisory level?

If you purchased a trip between October 21, 2021 and December 14, 2021, you are eligible to cancel your trip and request a refund. Please note only requests with an expected departure date prior to January 12, 2022 will be processed at this time.

STEP 1: Contact your primary payer first, that is, your travel service provider (eg. airline, travel agency, etc.).*

*EXCEPTION: Residents of Quebec having purchased their trip through a travel agency can contact the Compensation Fund for Customers of Travel Agents (CFCTA) to request their refund.

STEP 2: Then contact your travel insurance assistance service, listed on the back of your SSQ Insurance card or on the Customer centre. Insureds covered by CanAssistance can fill out the CanAssistance form.

If you have received a travel credit, this is considered as a refund and the amount will be deducted from your claim. If the travel credit equals the total amount, no further refunds will be provided by SSQ.


For more information, please consult our frequently asked questions and travel tool.



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What type of situation does trip cancellation insurance cover?

Since October 1, 2020, the following situations apply before your departure if your insurance includes trip cancellation coverage:

If the Government of Canada's travel health notice for your travel destination changes from Level 1 or 2 at the time of purchase to Level 3* before your departure, then it is possible to cancel your trip.  Il you decide to travel, you will still be covered for travel assistance (emergency medical expenses including COVID-19) for as long as the Government of Canada's travel health notice level does not change to Level 4*.

If the Government of canada's travel health notice for your travel destination changes form Level 1, 2 or 3 at the time of purchase to Level 4* before your departure, then it is possible and recommended that you cancel your trip.  If you do not, you will not be covered for travel assistance.

*The Government of Canada issues 4 travel health notices for travel destinations as follows:

   -  Level 1 - Practise usual precautions

   -  Level 2 - Practise special precautions

   -  Level 3 - Avoid all non-essential travel

   -  Level 4 - Avoid all travel

Government of Canada: Travel health notices


CanAssistance - Travels

If you have questions about the travel Insurance, please visit the Home page of the CanAssistance : Home page CanAssistance

Request a trip cancellation: Forms associated with different situations

Travel Cancellation Insurance / Interprovincial Travel

This is what SSQ Insurance’s FAQ section has to say on the subject

Am I covered if I have a trip planned to another province in Canada?

Yes, you are covered for emergency medical expenses, whether you are ill as a result of COVID-19, or due to other causes or an accident.  Refer to your policy as some exceptons may apply.

Can I cancel my trip to another province in Canada because of COVID-19 and obtain a reimbursement?

No, it isn't currently possible to cancel your travel to other provinces due to COVID-19 and obtain a reimbursement because there are currently no travel health notices issued by the Government of Canada to avoid travel to Canadian provinces other than one's province of residence.

However, if you have COVID-19, it may be the reason for cancelling your trip under your contract.


Moving and change of address

The ACR does not keep a contact information database for insurance participants. SSQ Insurance sends out all documentation concerning your insurance plan by regular mail. Consequently, you must notify the insurer, and not the ACR, if you change your address.

You can easily contact the insurer via the Customer Centre on the SSQ website, or by calling 1 888 651-8181 (toll-free).

What is a prior authorization drug?

To be eligible for reimbursement, some very expensive drugs and those that have a risk of inappropriate use must have prior authorization from SSQ Insurance.  To obtain such authorization, you must have a prior authorization form completed by your attending physician and submited to SSQ Insurance for analysis. Frequently asked questions

SSQ Insurance has put several tools at your disposal:

   -  The list of all the drugs that require prior authorization 

   -  When you login to your ACCESS | Plan Members account, click on Health Care/Access to Health Care Services on the            main menu.

   -  Contact SSQ Insurance Customer Services by calling 1-877-651-8080 or by sending an email to

   -  When your claim is submitted online at the pharmacy

COVID-19 : SSQ Insurance / Delays with the processing of mail and cheque payments

The circumstances surrounding COVID-19 are causing delays in the processing of paper documents : Information

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